Saturday, January 26, 2008

Only When I Laugh

This movie brings back memories of when my husband and I were dating and he was in the hospital due to a swimming accident. He hit a sandbar with his head and cracked a vertebrae in his neck. He was allowed out of the hospital on pass and we were going to go see this movie. That night he called to cancel our date. The reason he gave for canceling was that he had surgery the next day. I told him that excuse was worse than "I have to wash my hair." We both laughed, as he knew I was only teasing him. It several years for us to actually have a chance to see the movie. In fact it was about 7 years later that we watched it on HBO. Every time I see this movie I think how lucky I am that my husband was not paralyzed and am thankful.


  1. I love On Golden Pond and Ratatouille! We are movie twins! :)

  2. What a nice memory to share with your hubby! My new favorite movie is The Bucket List.

  3. I think surgery tomorrow is only a fair excuse LOL



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