Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today I Almost Shot the Locate Man

I came home from a nice relaxing massage and was  in the kitchen getting myself a snack before going on an errand to find a background fabric to match an odd color background of my main fabric. While looking out the back window over the sink I noticed something or someone moving  around in the backyard behind the shed and in the area of the tall pine tree.
It made me very nervous. I checked that the alarm was set to STAY and grabbed my 9 mm, and made sure it was loaded.

I walked out on the deck and yelled, "Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my back yard?" By this time the guy was up along the side of the addition and between it and the deck. That made me even more nervous.

His back was to me and when he heard me he quickly turned around. He took a couple of steps back when he saw my gun, and said "Please don't shoot me, ma'm. I am here doing a locate for GCI, so they can dig up your yard to put in new cables." I actually think it was for ACS, since that is our internet service that we have been having troubles with.

I apologized to him and explained that he had scared me.

He told me that a neighbor woman of his had someone break into her house and she shot at them with her gun and missed. He recommended she get a different gun, a 9 mm like mine.  He also told me there were no hard feelings. Women need to protect themselves. He was glad I did not shoot first and ask questions after.


  1. Wonder why he didn't ring the doorbell to let you know he was going to be walking around your yard. It always amazes me that people walk around our yard without letting us know they are there! Good to pull your gun on him!

  2. LOL thanks for the chuckle- but better safe than sorry!!

  3. Oh my!! I would have been fine through it, then frightened by what "could" have happened!!! Good to be prepared and on your toes!

  4. things like that is why I am considering getting a gun. DD's boyfriend is an enthusiast and wants to take me shopping and shooting!

  5. I am mostt happy that everything turned out fine. I do not undersand why they do not attempt to let you know they are there.



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