Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Soldier, Private First Class Ehmann

Private First Class Ehmann; 
Caleb Schneck and  Bryce Ehmann, with Capt. Yaw, who swore them in.
I just returned from a trip to Missouri to see my son, Bryce, graduate from basic training and AIT.  He enlisted in the Army National Guard in August 30, 2011 and left home for basic training September 12, 2011.
He had a short block leave during training in December and came home for the Christmas holidays.
He brought me his official picture when he came home. I took a picture of it with my iPhone.
Private First Class Ehmann

They now post pictures during training on Facebook and I snagged a few that had Bryce in them.  Here are two from the 701st Military Police Battalions Facebook Page:
Bryce is the red face peeking out around the leg.
Bryce and his platoon mates during the field training exercises.

He also sent me this one:
Dress uniform, before adding ribbons.

Then I took a bunch while down at Fort Leonard Wood for Family Day and Graduation.
Family Day. The ribbon on the left is for Marksman with two different weapons. Above his name is the MP emblem.
Wearing the rank of Private First Class.
Bryce at the MP Memorial.
Bryce at the Camp Museum MP exhibit.
Bryce and I at the Family Day Banquet.
Then on graduation day I took several pictures including one of his platoon during the ceremony.
Bryce is in the back row, because of his height. In front are Drill Sgt. Desimmon and Drill Sgt. Roderiguez.
Private First Class Ehmann with Drill Sgt. Roderiguez.
Both Drill Sgts. told me that Bryce was a good soldier, and they were pleased to have him.  Drill Sgt. Roderiguez said he was quiet.  I guess she did not get to experience him at his wildest, with a bunch of boy scouts playing video games. 

If you have not guessed by now Iam very proud of my soldier.

Lastly, here are Private Schneck and Private First Class Ehmann after graduation in their dress uniforms. They certainly look a lot more grown up than they did in August.
I am very glad to him home for now and looking forward to spending time with him, as I know Caleb's mom is as well. These two fine young men are here to serve in the Army National Guard of Alaska and the United States of America. 


  1. Thanks to these fine young men for my safety and my family's,

  2. Great pictures of your soldier. You are so right, they look like boys in the swearing in shot and like well trained men in their dress uniforms. Congrats to you and to Bryce.
    Thanks to Bryce for serving his state and his country.



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