Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day by Day

I am taking life one day at a time this year.  Each day is a new beginning and new experience.  I am trying to spend time sewing or knitting, or doing some type of craftwork every day.  I know from past experience that it helps keep me in balance when I do.  I am eating healthy and trying to avoid junk food, though when I get stressed I do crave sugar.

We have been drinking Dr. Oz's Green Juice for a week now and I feel like it is helping me. I think I need to really drink it for a month before making any real claims, but I do feel that it of benefit to me. I am not as hungry and I do not crave sweets, which could be because I am not eating them or a result of the positive effect of the Green Juice.

I am monitoring my weight and exercising so that my heart is healthy, and the rest of me as well.  I working very hard to not let school stress overwhelm me, though there is one student who is driving me insane with his incessant talking.
This weekend was very relaxing. I started the weekend off with a massage. It was wonderful.  The masseuses said I had huge knots in my shoulders and though she worked for an hour on them she was not able to get rid of them all. This was a very stressful week and my shoulders are where I carry stress.

I have 87 more days to work before retiring, and I am trying very hard to keep them as unstressed as possible.  I am not bringing a lot home and trying to make the evenings my time, but the days are full.  I am also playing soothing music in my room all day, which I hope helps me as well as my students as music is suppose to help focus the mind for learning.

I am hoping that this week is less stressful and that time passes quickly at school, yet allows me time to get all the special ed paperwork done. There is so much paperwork in special ed, that be paid for doing two jobs, one clerical and one as a teacher.  The paperwork takes the most time, and then you add on the meetings. I hate meetings. I will miss the kids when I retire, but I will not miss the paperwork or the meetings.

It is time to get things rounded up for tomorrow and head towards bed.

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  1. You are doing all the right things! You will get thru the remaining days no problem. And remember my offer. (I don't actually hit anyone but sometimes sayin I'm gonna makes me smile).



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