Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seattle One

No hand dyes with me, these are two projects that have been WIP for a long time. One is for a friends friendship quilt. I got it pieced before I broke my arm and she cut out the appliqué for me so I could prep it with starch and now I can do the stitching.

I will post pictures soon. Tom and I ran all over downtown Seattle today. We went to Macy's so I could get my face care stuff as we do not have one in Anchorage. We went to Pike's Market and walked all over the place, getting veggies and fruits for snacks. We also found a really cool Mexican store and bought Tom and Bryce T-shirts, and I bought hand woven cotton blankets for the boys for Christmas. They were like $20 each. Also found a tea shop and most importantly the quilt store. I bought several fabrics and patterns that have not gotten to Anchorage yet. Some were Artique fabrics or something like that and I really liked them. Also found some of the Paris prints and one for Greece. Black on White Eiffel Towers, street map of Paris, and travel stickers of Paris prints. The Greece one has things like the Colloseum and such. I am thinking a fun lap quilt and will make two and give one to the friend who traveled to Europe with us when we went with People to People as leaders. They are shipping it all home for me.

Tomorrow we are going back to Macy's to shop for feminine garnets, and Victoria Secret for yoga pants. They do not carry the ones I like on line, they are only


  1. Keeping up w/news on your trip thru here & fb. Keep having a great time!

  2. Sounds like a great trip so far. Don't over-do with your arm. Have fun\.

  3. I have finally figured out how to get the pictures to load. So will be updating the posts and adding the new ones in the next week.



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