Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

     I will never forget September 11, 2001.  I was getting ready for work when the phone rang and I ran to answer it, wondering who was calling at about6:30 in the morning, Alaska time.  It was my oldest son calling to yell in my ear that we were under attack and to turn on the television. I was confused, but went down stairs to turn on the television.  It was shortly after that I watched the plane fly into the second tower and I was in shock.  Bryce was with me and wanted to know why we were under attack.
     I remember calling my neighbor and yelling at her as she was half asleep, telling her to get up and turn on her television. She was like "What, what, what time is it?" 
     I told her to wake up and turn on her television. We were under attack.  She finally got it and got up to turn on her television.  She called me later in shock.
      It was an emotionally harrowing day.  I remember calling my mother and talking to my students about it.  It was very rough day. 
      I have a friend who thought she watched her father die on national television.  He worked in the towers and she did not know until late in the day if he was alive or not. She was honest with her students and they were very understanding of all she had gone through because of their own fear. 
     When I talked to my husband later in the day he said that at first he thought it was a joke because of the DJs on the radio station he was listening to. The DH's were known as jokers.  He changed the radio station and got the same news so realized it was for real and told my son to call me.
     I thought at one point it was the end of the world.  I had been reading "The Left Behind" books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and in the first book they talk about people disappearing and planes falling from the sky. When I saw the plane fall and crash into the second tower I thought I had been left behind.
      I will never forget this date. It is one like December 7th, that "will live in infamy" to take words from FDR.

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