Saturday, August 25, 2012

Laughing at Myself

Earlier today Tom and I went for a ride to the Farmer's Market to pick up fresh veggies.  We filled both of the saddle bags on the tandem to overflowing and I had one sandwich size baggie of snap peas that would not fit.  I put it in the back pocket of my biking jacket which zips on the side and runs across the back.
Tom and I had been snacking on them while we wandered around the market. We stopped to try some wines at the Wine Style booth, which also had some excellent munchies to go along with the wines.  While tasting both we discovered we knew the owners of the catering place, from years ago, back with the boys were ice skating, so stayed to chat for a bit.
I decided I wanted to eat a couple more snap peas before we took off so was trying to get them out of my back pocket, when I felt something.  I thought I was going crazy as I knew that my wallet that I had with me today with my new ID and such was not in that pocket, but I could feel something that felt like my wallet, so I got Tom to check.
I had to take off my jacket and inside the back of the jacket there is a netting that is sewn in two places to divide the pockets, one on either side and the large back pocket.  The netting is loose along the top and caught in it was my wallet that I thought I had lost. 
I checked my jacket at least three times yesterday including turning it upside down and shaking it, but felt nothing. There was my wallet with my DL, military ID, debit card, and my insurance cards.  How I missed it yesterday when I checked the jacket is beyond me, but miss it I did.  The only thing I can think of is the fact that I was so stressed out I did not feel it when I was patting down my jacket. It was caught inside the netting so it did not shake out when I shook the jacket.
I guess the laugh is on me.  Oh well, as I told Tom, at least now the pictures on my IDs look like me. 

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  1. I am laughing with you, Wanda! Bet your new pictures looked smashing ;-)



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