Saturday, February 2, 2013

Library Lover's Month

My mom wrote this wonderful article about Library Lover's Month.  I want to share it with all my friends who love to read.   It was published in her local DAR newsletter. She is a wonderful woman and like me she loves to read. I am very proud of her article.

I was also lucky that I had a mother who read to me and I read to both of my boys. My oldest was read college textbooks while he was in the womb as I was working on my master's degree when pregnant with him.

Both boys were read all kinds of books when they were tiny as I would read whatever I was reading aloud when rocking them. When they were older they had favorite children's books we read.

I can remember their father reading them the Little House on the Prairie books.
I also remember having to read adult mysteries and teen novels when my oldest was in elementary school as he was such a bookworm that he had read all the books in the children's section of the library and the complete set of encyclopedias by the end of third grade. He also read Up From Slavery that year.

Books on tape and along with the novel were a hit with my younger son, as he enjoyed the stories but not the act of reading.

One thing I do enjoy about being retired is the time to read.  I have read more in the past two years than I did over most of my teaching career, I think.  I love to be taken away by a novel and transported to another time or place. It is relaxing. Books are some of my best friends.

I hope you enjoyed my mom's article.

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  1. I did enjoy your Mom's article. My Mom was not a book reader so I am not really sure why I read to my younger sisters. I read to my girls. My sister reads. My girls read all the time.
    Books are everything your Mom talked about in her article.
    Library book sales are just the best! I donate books and then I go to the sale and buy more. Gotta have books.



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