Monday, June 3, 2013

What This Country Someone Like My Mom

We need a strong woman to run this country, but not a Hillary Clinton. We need someone like my mother to run this country. She is a go getter, a woman before her time.

 She told me that my grandmother, her mother, always taught her and her siblings that no matter what your job was, cleaning the toilets or running a business, you should always do the best you can and don't wait to be asked to do something.  If you see something that needs done, do it.  Each time you will learn something that will help you move up the ladder.

When I was little my mom was a working mom before most moms were working outside the home.  My mother worked for Ma Bell as a telephone operator using one of the old fashioned switch boards like this one I found on google.
 She was also in the Air Force for several years. In fact she only got out because after she married my father she became pregnant with me. Back in the 1950s you could not be in the military if you were pregnant. It did not matter if you were married or not.

My mother worked her whole life from topping onions in the fields to being a management analyst for the federal government. She did not work for societal recognition, but because she needed to and she liked working.  She was the one people went to and she worked her way up the ladder as a civil service employee. She started out as a GS3, working as a secretary for years, starting over every time my father was transferred.  She retired as a GS 12.

I may not have always agreed with everything my mother said or did, but she taught me to be the woman I am today and I am proud of her. She listens and gives advice, and she cares about others.  She also knows about service and that it takes work to make things work, not just words.  My mother is also one who will get in and work with you, not just sit back and let others do the job. She did not grow up in a life of privilege and money, she grew up knowing what hard work was and that it took work to make you feel you had accomplished something.  I am proud of her and all she has done in her life and I would like to be proud of the person representing this country to the world.

Today I am embarrassed by the person that is that face of America. Obama does not represent me or the majority of the people in this country, or our beliefs. He knows nothing about taking care of our country and doing the right thing for us. He has never been in the trenches of the working class. He is selfish and self centered, focused on his agenda, not the agenda of the American people.

We need someone like my mother, someone who has been in the trenches to run our country.  We need someone with real life experience. Someone who knows what life is really about. We need a president who will represent the real people of this country, the working class. If I could I would nominate my mother for president because I know she would do a great job and she would listen to the people and do what is right for this country. She would be a true representative of this country.


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