Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Break versus Winter Break

-->I started making a comment on my quilting blog and I try to keep politics off that page, so decided to post my thoughts here instead. 
"...January, shortly after Christmas Break. And yes I know that the politically correct people refer to it as winter break, but I am old school and it is Christmas Break." 

Next thing you know the politicians are going to say we can only have one day off from school, if that because of the atheist and others who think we are all so terrible. I think we should have a holiday for Hanukkah as well. Every one who believes in God deserves a day to celebrate that belief, without having to take leave.

I mean give me a break; I am not one of those "happy holidays" people. I say "Merry Christmas!" and if I know you are Jewish I say "Happy Hanukkah" out of respect for your beliefs. I do not try to change your mind and make you see things my way. I respect your right to believe something different than I do. I mean after all Jesus was a Jew and I believe that He will come again, just as you believe He has yet to come. When He does come we are both going to be celebrating His arrival and it will not matter if it is His first or second visit. What will be important is that He is here. 

If you are an atheist, go bury your head in the sand. I believe in God and I celebrate Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I do not care if you do not believe, you cannot tell me what I can and cannot do or what I can and cannot believe as this is a free country and God is everywhere.

We have God on our money, and in our pledge, and on buildings all over the country and those who think He does not belong there can go find themselves another country or bury their heads in the sand. Our country was founded on Christian principles and religious freedom.  So stop telling me that I cannot have God, the Bible, and things that represent Him anywhere I want. If you don't like it you don't have to look at. 

Oh, but wait He is everywhere, in the mountains, and the valleys, in the forests, and the seas. God created this land and its people, and the animals, and plants, and all that we see before us, so I guess you will just have to cover your eyes 24/7.

I believe that God is everywhere and I talk to Him everyday, does that make me one of those crazy Christians who are preaching my beliefs at everyone all the time, no.  I do not push my beliefs on others and I strongly believe that they should not push theirs on me. 

If everyone would just accept others and stop trying to force everyone to conform to their way I think this whole country and the whole world would be better off.  I mean lets deal with more important things like impeaching the idiot in the White House.

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