Sunday, March 20, 2016

Drawn From My Father's Adventures: Parquet and Piano

 I came across this blog by chance and the stories she tells are fascinating and drew me in to the world in a different time. I am inspired to blog some of the stories my father shared with me.
Drawn From My Father's Adventures: Parquet and Piano: "Click image to enlarge With the huge unemployment in postwar Germany our large house in Hamburg, which had been requisitioned from the fami..."

Reading this blog made me cry as I thought of my father. This month is the anniversary of his passing six years ago.  I still miss him and on occasion find myself reaching for the phone to call him.  We had a long period of time where we were out of touch for reasons I will not go into, but he was always my father and I loved him. I also miss him and remember the stories he told me.  Recently we lost his twin sister with whom he was always close.  There is only one member of his generation still living on his side of the family, his older brother Bob.  It is important to record and remember the stories of each generation and I have written down some of the stories my father shared with me. After reading the blog mentioned above I decided to share a few of my father's stories and my thoughts.

When he was a boy my father said he drove a milk wagon and delivered milk around Altamont and he told me of the time that someone cut off their toe with a lawn mower.  The toe was put on ice in the milk truck and he drove it to the doctor. I am not sure if he took the person or if they went in another vehicle, but he said that he put the toe on ice and delivered it to the doctor so it could be sewn back on.

He also talked about playing basketball in high school and I have his basket ball necklace or charm on a chain.  He said he enjoyed playing basketball even though he was not that good at it.

He also talked about hunting and fishing and told me stories about my grandparents when they were younger. He said grandpa use to go duck hunting, which is probably why my father did the same.  He also talked about his siblings and his twin sister.

One story I remember is that he use to ask his twin sister to go ask grandpa for money for the movies because he would always give it to her, but not to him. He said he was always in trouble for something.  He also said that she was never on grandpa's bad side.

He told me about his first trip over seas and when he stepped off the airplane in Benghazi North Africa his first thought was "Momma come get your baby boy."  I have pictures from his time there with all the tents out in that desert.  He said the water truck came through about once a week delivering water for drinking, cooking, and washing. They had to ration the water so it would last until the next truck cam through.  He said it was hot and miserable and you had sand everywhere.  You could not escape the sand especially when the wind would blow it through and you could not see your hand in front of your face.

He also talked about Germany and Korea and Vietnam and other places he was stationed and told me that some of them were places he had never been and others were places he would have liked to have had more time.

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