Friday, September 23, 2022

The Moronic Delusions Have Invaded the Military

Have you read this insane article

This is total crap. I am my son’s mother, not his caregiver. I am a parent but first and foremost I am a MOTHER!  These people need to get over themselves. Every child has a mother, be it the one who raised them or their birth mother. Men CANNOT have babies they do not have the genetic make up required to to carry and birth a child.  If you want to say you are a boy that is fine, but do not expect me to buy into your delusion. 

I am a real woman. These looney tunes need to get over themselves and stop trying to change facts into lies. A woman is  a person with a certain combination of sex characteristics, commonly including two X chromosomes in the cell nuclei, a vagina, a uterus and ovaries, and enlarged breasts developed at puberty.  1 million years from now if your bones are found your DNA will show that you are a woman or you are a man, not your delusion.

My son is a man which means he has an X and a Y chromosome. He has a GIRLFRIEND not a partner, but a real woman with two X chromosomes in the cell nuclei, a vagina, a uterus and ovaries,etc… She like most women can give birth to a child, men cannot.  I refuse to buy into the looney leftist delusion that they are trying to cram down our throats. 

I do not care what name you want to be called, that I can do, but that does not make you a male or a female.  I also am not going to call you they, them, their,see, ze, zem, or zer, or any other imaginary pronoun that you make up. If you are a male you are a her or him. If you are a female you are a she or her, end of story. My answer is I DO NOT DO PRONOUNS!!!!  These delusional people need some serious mental health, not to have their delusions fed and supported by society.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Time Has Come to Return America to America and Reining In Our Out of Control Government

The Time Has Come to Return America to America and Reining In Our Out of Control Government

I honestly think as a country it is time to vote every single person in DC out and start over with a clean slate, and vote in real average Americans, not people on the extreme ends. We also need term limits and in some ways would be better off it we had an election every year for a short term government and had a flat 10 or 15% tax that allowed for no exemptions and no loopholes to cover the essential government expenses you make a $1.00 you pay a $0.10 and everyone pays their fair share. 

We should get rid of welfare as it is now and make it a work education program requiring work hours and drug testing. We should also get rid of the IRS, government involvement in healthcare and education, and outlaw lobbyist. We could have a small financial department to collect taxes and pay our military for defense. No salary or retirement for those who are elected to represent us, just a small stipend to cover the cost of travel (economy) and house them in barracks with a chow hall for six months of service to the country.

I think mandatory military service of two years for every high school student after graduation would be beneficial and they would receive one year of college tuition and fees for every 2 years served up to 8 years. They would have to cover their living expenses. It would help kids today to learn to respect our country and our flag and teach them they are not entitled to anything as well as making them all equal, because everyone of them would go in as an E-1 and have to earn their rank.

I also think that welfare should be in the form of coupons for rent and specific food items, clothing, not money or debit cards. They would have a list of basic healthy foods to choose from for their family (bread, milk, vegetables, meat, and such) and there should be a maximum limit of two children that you would receive benefits for, none of this have more kids to get more money from the government that actually comes out the pockets of hard working Americans.  I know there are those who do exactly that as I listened to an interview with a woman whose daughter was aging out a couple years ago and she said two things that stand out in my mind. First, she told her daughter she better get pregnant and have a kid so she could get some of the government money. Secondly, she said she needed to get pregnant and have another kid so she would not lose any of her government money. Both of these are wrong on so many levels. 

It is time to stop this so-called “Free Money.” There is no free money. It is stolen from the pockets of those who are hard working Americans by the government so that others can have a free ride.

I am sick of paying for people who will not get off their butts and do their part but think they are entitled to things just because they think the government should support them.

We also need to close our borders and take care of our own, our veterans, our seniors and our children. Rather than give money to idiots who took out more loans for education than they have brains because they got useless degrees in “Women’s Studies or Philosophy” and such that will not get them a job. We should use that money to pay for chemo for those who have cancer or for medication for the elderly, and those who have type 1 Diabetes and to take care of our seniors' medication and cover their medical so they are not forced to pay for medicare. If a person has earned a retirement that includes medical care they should be allowed to keep that and not be forced to go on medicare.

We also need to let farmers farm without the use of poisonous GMO seeds and poisonous fertilizers that are leading to health problems.  If Europe has banned things then we need to ban them as well. Read this article for more information.

It is time to eliminate the Windfall Elimination tax and tell people if they pay social security they get the money they paid into social security.

It is also time to repeal concurrent receipt with regard to military pay and medical disability. This program screws over our military veterans who served their country and earned their retirement but were disabled due to their service. They should be allowed to collect both and leave their retirement benefits to their survivors.

Lastly, we need to stop sending money we do not have to countries overseas. We need to protect our own borders and take care of America and Americans. We need to strengthen our power grid and supply our own oil instead of wasting millions of dollars on foreign oil from countries that would rather see us all dead or enslaved.

We need to wall in cities like Chicago and let the gangs kill each other off or send in massive police raids to round up and imprison the gang bangers and murders who are shooting up the city and killing off innocent children.  If any guns need to be confiscated it is the guns that belong to those criminals. We do not gun bans, we need to enforce the gun laws we currently have and go back to the 10 Commandments.  Five of which say to honor your mother and father, not to kill or bear false witness against your neighbors, not to steal, and not to covet your neighbor's house, which I think everyone can agree on even if they do not believe in God.  Follow the golden rule and treat others as you want to be treated. 

Our society has gone to hell in a handbasket and right is wrong and wrong is right and that needs to change.

We need to stop feeding into people’s delusions and bring sanity back into play. We need to provide care for the mentally in hospitals not allow them to roam the streets and we should not be wasting money on illegals who as the word illegal is defined by Webster’s Dictionary, “a person who enters or lives in a country without the documentation required for legal entry or residence.” They are criminals who broke the law by entering our country with going through proper channels. It is time to take care of America's first. We need to bring values and morals back into our everyday life and teach our children how to be respectful and to follow the law.

I personally think we also need to put God back in our homes and schools as well, but that is for another discussion.

Our government is out of control and it is  time  to  take  it back. We need to cut  government spending and reduce the size of  our government. We need  to elect  sane  people who  are  real everyday  Americans, not people who  are  out of touch with the people.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Better Ways to Use the Money Biden Wants to Throw Away on Student Loan Debt

 It means higher taxes and more people on the government dole.  It means that I am paying for some lazy person who got a useless degree to waste time while I worked my butt off to pay for school and pay off my loans and now the demonic liberals want me to pay for someone else’s degree. This is pure BS and 100% wrong. They would do better to not tax people who are over age 65 or people who are disabled or retired from a career living on a fixed income. 

There are many other people much more deserving of government money than those who think the government should pay for them to a college degree that they will never use because they did not go into a real career related degree program.

They should raise social security payments and get rid of the Windfall Elimination tax so people can collect the money they have paid into social security instead of being robbed of what is rightfully theirs. 

They should cover 100% of Medicare for all people over the age of 65 and all their prescriptions. They should reduce taxes for everyone to a flat tax of 10 or 15%. You make a dollar you pay $0.10 or $0.15 and so on. No loop holes, not tax deductions, and no one gets a free ride. Even those on the government dole should be taxed for their “free money” or welfare. In fact welfare should be a work program. To collect it you should have to pick up trash, dig ditches, provide child care for those who are working, etc. They should also require weekly drug test for anyone on welfare and all dependents over the age of 12, as well as limit it to two children. No extra money for having more kids and scamming the system. The money should be paid in coupons that cover rent and specific food items like one to two gallons of milk a week, no soda, beer, candy, junk food of any kind. I think they should have a computer where they request their food items and put in their passcode and they get the items on their list and only those items. Then the money would actually go to pay for food for their kids instead of being spent on drugs and alcohol.

They should also get rid of the military concurrent receipt which steals medically retired military individuals retirement and replaces it with disability. These men and women should receive both. They earned their retirement and should also receive their disability payments at the same time, instead of getting one or the other. 

If they forgive any student loan debt it should be ONLY for those that go into education, the medical or law enforcement fields. Those who got ridiculous degrees in liberal arts, women’s studies and other waste of time degrees should not receive loan forgiveness. 

It would be better to enact mandatory military service of two years upon graduation from high school so people could learn a skill and work to pay for college if they want college. I would be more supportive of paying for college for our military or trade school for high school graduates than paying for college at over priced liberal indoctrination centers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Supreme Court Decisions Over the Past Week

 This past week has blessed us with two landmark Supreme Court decisions that will make America a better place. The looney leftist are going insane over both of these decisions, swearing ti is the end of the world as we know it.

The first Supreme Court decision ruled NY concealed carry gun law is unconstitutional. They decided that New York state law violated the Second Amendment because it required gun owners applying for concealed-carry licenses to prove they're need was worthy to carry guns in public. I agree that this law was wrong. You should not have to prove you have a need to carry a weapon. They are already having a background check to make sure they are legally able to own a gun. If they are buying one legally they are in all likely hood not a criminal and not planning an attack. I think that checking mental health records should be a part of every gun license background check because we should not give license to the mentally ill. The looney leftist think this will lead to more mass shootings, but I believe it will lead to people being safer. Shooters have been stopped in other instances by a single person who was carrying a gun. I think it will make the world a safer place it good people have guns and can protect other people.

The second Supreme Court decision was to overturn Roe v. Wade, PRAISE GOD!!!  I believe they did the right thing because according to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution “ The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” U. S. Constitution Abortion is not has never been a part of our constitution and there for should not have been under federal jurisdiction at anytime which is what the Supreme Court found and stated in their decision. People need to get over themselves and grow up. The leftist fascist are acting as if this is the end of the world, when it is not. Abortion is no going away, it is just being left to the states to decided and I fully believe that states will still allow abortions if the mother’s life is in danger and if there is severe psychological damage due to rape or incest. These are both valid reasons where as the roughly 97% of abortions performed in the United States are done for invalid reasons and are noted to be for social or economic reasons. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy from birth control to abstinence, which are better for everyone concerned. Murdering a child is not a valid method of birth control. It is a criminal act in my opinion. Women who do not want children can go get their tubes tied and men who do not want children can get a vasectomy. Then it is their body, but once you are pregnant is no longer just your body and your life, it is also the baby’s life and their body. To make it worse California, which is the armpit of America in my opinion, wants to make it legal to murder a baby up to 28 days after birth under the guise of abortion. Now you may not believe that a baby is baby until birth or after it is viable outside the womb and that is your opinion, which you are entitled to. I believe a baby is a baby from the moment of conception, but if abortion is going to legal in a state I do not think it should be performed after the first trimester except in extreme cases.  I also know from my research that medical reasons for abortions are very few due to all the medical advances we have made that allow women to carry to full term instead of miscarrying or dying due to medical issues such as gestational diabetes, or many birth defects that can be dealt with fetal operations. All of these arguments which the leftist will use to try and push for abortions through delivery have been resolved and are not valid in my opinion.

I know that others will not agree with me and that is fine because I am entitled to free speech by The United States Constitution. People do not have to agree with me and that is one of the great things about our country, we are each allowed to our own opinions and they do not have to be the same as others.

Are We in a Civil War?

 I would have to say the downfall of our country started when Obama was elected because he divided our country Trump did a lot of good for our country but he was not a perfect president and yes he was an uncouth ass. So far I haven’t seen Biden do a damn thing except raise taxes raise inflation raise the price of gas stop drilling in our country and making us dependent on foreign oil all of which are extremely negative things and hurtful for America. What we need is a moderate someone in the middle. We need to close our borders because we’re being invaded daily by criminals and yes if they are illegal they are criminal. We have drugs pouring across the borders and we need to do some thing to deal with that. We have mentally ill people from roaming the streets and we need to set up facilities to give them the help they need and if that means that they need to spend a lifetime institutionalized for their own safety then so be it.

Returning abortion to the states was the right thing to do because if that’s the way it’s written in the Constitution if it is not included in the US Constitution then it falls understates rights and abortion was never included in the Constitution. 

I am pro-life I believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder. But I also believe that if there is a medical reason for a woman to have an abortion to save her life that’s then you do so. If a person was raped and has severe psychological trauma and medically an abortion may well be necessary. But considering that roughly 97% of the abortions in this country are performed for social or economic reasons, then abortion should be illegal. To murder a child just because it’s not convenient in your life at that point in time is a terrible reason to commit a murder. There are multiple types of birth control and abstinence is always an option. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control and the sad thing is that 97% of the people use it that way.

I do not believe the wild stories going around her birth control pill be banned because I don’t feel Betts in anyway tied to this whole thing I think it’s an overreaction by people be used to stir up more hate and division. 

I believe that there are certain members of Congress on both sides of the aisle purely stir the pot to cause more anger and violence and hate instead of trying to work together to find a compromise that would appease everyone or at least the majority. 30 years ago we had a lot more moderates on both sides and today we have so many people who’ve gone so far in the left that I don’t think they can ever be brought back to the middle and I also believe that there are some of the same on the right but I honestly feel they’re more on the left. I have to say that if we are not in a Civil War right now we are certainly on the verge and the overreaction of people to the supreme court ruling on abortion may be the powder keg starts a real war because people are not pausing to take a breath and look at the big picture. Instead they are looking at the mole hill and blowing it up into a mountain or maybe I should say a volcano.

Monday, May 23, 2022

The Insanity of the World and Our Government

 I have started this post many times over the last two years and then put it aside. It appears that the insanity has just flourished and gotten worse as time goes on.

I do not believe in the vaccine mandates that were pushed on people, forcing them to inject poison into their systems. I feel it was a violation of their personal and constitutional rights.  It is my body my choice and if you choose to take the shot that is your choice, but you should not force it on others. It was major government overreach in my opinion.  The federal government has no place in health care and needs to get out of the healthcare business forever.  They also have no business being involved in health insurance either.

I was very glad to hear that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe vs Wade because I believe abortion is murder.  I believe it was government overreach when they ruled to legalize abortion across the country in the first place because the 10th Amendment to the Constitution says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Abortion is not in the Constitution so therefore it is a State's right and needs to be returned to the States.

Now the idiot's demons in DC are trying to make laws regarding allowing murder up to the birth of a baby. They want to allow women to kill their children in the womb up until birth and even at birth. Murder is illegal and they want to make it legal which will lead to murders using it as an excuse to get away with murder and not have to suffer the punishment they deserve for the crime of murder.  It is one thing to set limits of 3 months or 15 weeks, even though I feel that abortion at any stage is murder, with a few exceptions such as to save the life of the mother if the child is not viable outside the womb, but this is out and out MURDER!!!!!!

The whole mask debate has gotten out of hand as well. If people want to wear a mask let them, and do not penalize those who choose not to wear a mask. It is not a crime and making it one is a disservice to the American people and their individual rights. It is just like the elites trying to steal all of our money because we the American people are too stupid to manage our own money or make decisions for ourselves.

We have terrorists who are under the guise of Hitler's brown shirts, ie the BLM which are ravaging our cities and destroying homes and businesses under the guise of "peaceful protests" when there is nothing peaceful about it.  They are terrorists who are committing awful crimes and blaming it on others.

Now we have the so-called president of this country trying to give away our medical rights and allow the WHO to control the country under the guise of a medical emergency or pandemic. This is treason!!!! It is a violation of our Constitution and our rights as citizens. The Manchurian candidate in the White House should be tried for treason.

We must stop these demons from destroying the United States. They are out to control us and kill us.  I believe that the food shortage and the high gas prices, and all the rest of this insanity is a scam being played on the American people to try to gain control of us and it is time that we stood up and said NO MORE!  It is time to fight back and STOP THE INSANITY!!!

It is time for Americans to stand up as one and tell the demons in our government that we are done.  We must vote the demons out, or we are done for. Satan has them in hand and we must stop them.

The more I read and the more I hear the more I believe that the demons are out to get us and that things are going to get worse before they get better.  I believe they will pull more evil tricks out of their bags to try and control us and to beat us into submission.  They want everyone to inject the poison and to fall into line. The next injection they will start to push is the Monkey Pox or some other made-up scam that they will use to try to scare us all.

I am not saying that the coronavirus is not real, but the hype behind it is all part of the demonic agenda to control us and to manipulate us into falling into their trap.

I pray daily that God will help those who are in the darkness to see the light and will walk away from the darkness.  I am not sure this will happen, but I pray that it does.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

 According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary seeded means 1a : to plant seeds in : sow seed a lawn with grass. b : to furnish with something that causes or stimulates growth or development.Anarticlein “New restrictions have already been imposed in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe that were seeded with omicron earlier.”

The Moronic Delusions Have Invaded the Military

Have you read this insane article ?  This is total crap. I am my son’s mother, not his caregiver. I am a parent but first and foremost I am ...