Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Death of Our Democracy

 With the election of Biden and the hostile take over of our government by the demoncrats our country has fallen and is continuing to fall further down the hole to hell. The attacks on our Constitution and our rights growing and being pushed by the demons in congress who are not representing the citizens of America, but instead are pushing their own socialist agenda.  It is as if the novel 1984 has come to life.  

I was not a Trumper, but I am definitely not a psychotic liberal. I am more of a conservative moderate and am an Independent. I am a strong supporter of small government and individual rights. I stand in support of the Constitution.

The acts of terrorism committed over the last year by the Nazi, socialist, racist Antifa and BLM have reigned terror on cities and innocent citizen of America. These were all acts of insurrection and attacks on America and our rights. These people are the arm of the fascist, socialist, or even communist who have taken over our government. They are synonymous with Hitler’s brown shirt.  They should all be imprisoned for life for the destruction, violence, and more that they caused as well as being forced to pay reparations to those who lost their businesses and more.

The peaceful protest that became violent because of a few radicals that the demons are referring to as an insurrection, was not an insurrection it was a “mostly peaceful protest” to use their words. It was a demonstration of frustration and anger at the fact that there were so many horrific acts of terrorism committed but the NAZI demons over the past several months and encouraged by the terrorist who have taken over our government.

The Nazi’s in our government are out to destroy America and all it stands for. They need to be in jail. The erection of a fence around the People’s government is only to keep them separate and safe so they can carry out their diabolical plan to destroy America. They are in league with Satan.  We must vote them out and put in people who truly represent the people instead of having their own agenda. 

The agenda of these demonic people is to destroy America and it must be stopped. We the People need to take back our country and our government. It is our right!  These people are suppose to work for us. We are not their slaves, though they seem to think we are. Their goal is a feudal system with no middle class and only the rich and the poor. This is not right and it must be stopped.

As a citizen of Alaska I vote to secede from the union and form our own country using the Constitution of the United States of America that the demons are out to destroy. I do not consider myself an American first because of the racist people who are pushing their hateful agenda on the American people. 

I believe all people are equal and I treat all people the same. I do not feel that skin color has anything to do with it. I look to the heart of people and believe in hard work and ethics, We must stand by our morals and support our Constitution and our rights.

This divisive government is our to destroy America. They are not supportive of diversity, they are supportive of suppression of people. The demoncrats suppressed black America years ago and forced them into the situation they are in today. They pushed for single parent homes by pushing their agenda that said you got government money if you had not father in the home. This destroyed many families and contributed to the problems of today because many young black men do not have male role models. This is also happening in many European American, Hispanic, and other ethnic groups. It is the fault of the racist demoncraps who have an ulterior motive of destroying America.

President Lincoln said, “ "A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half freeI do not expect the Union to be dissolved - I do not expect the house to fall - but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.”

The demoncrats want it to become all one thing: a racist divided society full of hate and violence.

Charles Barkley said it beautifully.  “I think most black people and white people are really good people. I really believe that in my heart, but I think our system is set up for our politicians whether they are republicans or democrats are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp or money and power. They divide and conquer. I truly believe in my heart most white people and black people are awesome people, but we are so stupid following our politicians, whether they are republicans or democrats and their only job is “hey let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods, we all got money. Let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other. Let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other, ahh let’s scramble the middle class.” I truly believe that in my heart.”

Dan Bongino said, “Republicans may not be the solution to all your problems, but Democrats are almost always the cause.” The demoncraps throw the racism card around like crazy. Republican’s do not. He went on to say, “Their agenda is garbage...give us all your money through confiscatory taxes. Send your kids to crappy schools, no school choice. We want the government to run your health care, despite the fact that we cannot even run the department of motor vehicles. And we want to put a bunch of red tape on your businesses so you have to pay lawyers to run your businesses.”

The democrats goal is to get people to hate other people so much so they vote against them. They run on the idea that the other guy is far worse. They have no real plan to help America and have brainwashed many people into believing that they are the only way to go.

I personally look at the issues the ideas that the candidates push and that helps me decide which way I want to vote. I am a registered independent because I do not believe either party is right and I feel strongly that we need an independent in office to straighten out this country and get us back on track, One who will defend our Constitutional rights and who will support our military and police as well as the citizens of this nation. 

What we currently have is a group of two year olds who are focused on what they want, not what is best for America and its people. Their goal is to divide this country and destroy it.  AOC is has her agenda of destruction, Pelosi has her own agenda and then you have the domestic terrorist who are out to destroy the country just because they are don’t like something and want their own way, most people refer to them as the squad. Top that off with Maxine Waters who is the most violent and racist person I have ever heard speak. These people hate America because it is not catering to their whims and lining their pockets with enough money. They want to beat the people down into submission and kill off anyone who disagrees with them. I mean Maxine Waters incited violent and nothing was done to her. She should be in jail. Trump spoke about patriotism and supporting the country and they went after him because they do not support patriotism or America.

I am a patriot and I believe in the Constitution and strongly support free speech, freedom of religion, and the Second Amendment. The demoncraps are out to take all of those away from us and some of them want to “RE-EDUCATE” those who do not believe in their Nazi agenda. Tell me who is in the right here, certainly not them. They are the ones we need to stop and to vote out of office or better yet recall from office and throw in jail for acts of terrorism and insurrection against America.

I stand for America, our flag, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence which states:

 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” 

I believe that time has come and we need to abolish the current government and set up a new government that is really OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People, not this sham of government that is destroying our country.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Un-Sloppy Joes

 Being vegan I have had to modify many recipes as I find too many use things like tofu and mushrooms and stuff that I cannot eat due to food allergies so I have been experimenting with recipes I find and modifying them to suit me. This is one of those recipes.


Sauté the following in a pan until the onions are translucent:

I use waterless cookware, but if you do not you will want to add 1 TBS of oil.

2 small or 1 medium sweet onion, finely diced

2 sweet peppers, finely diced ( you can use green or any color you like. I personally do not like the flavor of green peppers.)

1/2 cup celery, finely diced

2-4 cloves of garlic, depending on your taste

Then add these and sauté a couple minutes longer.

2-3 carrots shredded or diced. I prefer to shred mine.

1 sweet potato, shredded or diced. I prefer to shred mine.

In a blender or food processor blend the following together:

1-3 jalapeños, seeded and sliced (depending on how spicy you like it and the size of you jalapeños.)

1 TBS Sriacha

3 TBS brown sugar

2-3 Tsp Coconut Aminos (you can use soy sauce or Braggs Aminos here. I am allergic to soy.)

1 can of tomatoes

2 TBS chili powder

1 TBS tomato paste

1/2 - 1 Tsp oregano

Add the sauce to the onion mixture stirring well to mix.

Then add:

2 cans kidney beans, rinsed and drained.

Mix well and let simmer for a couple hours.

Serve on kaiser rolls and enjoy!

I make my own gluten-free rolls as it is hard to find ones that do not contain soy.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

The American Rescue Plan of 2021

This is the transcript of the discussion in the Senate on the American Relief plan and the amendments that were made to the Senate version which now has to be voted on again by the House. The Senate took out some of the pork, but there is a lot more pork that should be taken out and if you go to page  13 of 183 and read the section entitled:  “ American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.” You will see some good points made regarding the liberal wish list agenda and why they are not things that should be contained in this bill. The liberals are cramming trash into bills that have no relationship to the bills theme and trying to pass stuff that in the end will do more harm to this country than help.  

Everyone needs to read the bills that are up before Congress and write to their Congressmen and push for things to be changed before they are voted into law. We must keep our eyes open as the devil is in the details and there are lots of details that need to be erased.  

Having a one party government is not a good thing for this country. There is no bipartisan in our current government it is all partisan and that is not good for any one, especially with the people who are in power currently who have an evil agenda and are out to destroy this country.  They are fueled by hate and this is wrong. They are not working toward the best interest of the American people.  

If they really wanted to help us all. They would take a major pay cut, like no pay for the next year or four, since they were paid to do nothing for the last four years except fight to destroy America. They are the nobles and bourgeoisie getting rich off us while feeding us a pittance. They are the nobles and we are the poor peasants or serfs who get the scarps they leave on the floor while we pay the taxes that they grow rich off of. The House which is suppose to represent the people, only represents themselves and their goal of getting rich.  Our government needs to be reformed and there need to be term limits, no retirement, wages should be minimum and they should be housed in military style barracks with chow hall food.  It is my opinion they should be paid the same as an E1-E3 in the military and then they would truly be there to serve the people not to line their pockets and. This should be on a ballot for the people to vote it into being.

Vegan Lasagna

I made lasagna for dinner last week. I used cashew ricotta, and vegan parmesan cheese, along with gluten-free noodles, a vegan tomato sauce, and Daiya mozzarella cheese.

I actually made two pans of lasagna as one was totally vegan (on the right) and the other used regular mozzarella and parmesan cheeses for hubby.  The sauce recipe is easy to modify if you want to add in meat for the carnivores in your household. My hubby does not mind eating vegan, but he is not big on Daiya cheeses, so I accommodate him when I can. I like Daiya for two reasons one it is the closest to real cheese I have found melting-wise for pizza and nachos and two it is soy-free as I cannot do soy and it is actually not that healthy. 

The vegan cashew ricotta is my own twist on a recipe that I found in one of my vegan cookbooks to give it more flavor and of course I upped the spices in everything as we like our food with a little kick.

The sauce uses carrots, onions, and tomatoes along with several spices to give it more flavor, and a little kick.

The gluten-free lasagna noodles are not bad. I have used them in another vegan lasagna, that used white sweet potatoes in place of the ricotta cheese. The one thing I do need to remember is to make my sauces a little more liquidy when I use them as they are not cooked prior to going in the lasagna.

The vegan cashew ricotta is delicious and I may make the base in the future to mix in a dipping spice mix for fresh veggies as it really makes a nice creamy base to use instead of sour cream or cream cheese.

I am still working out the recipes to fine-tune them but stay tuned as I will post them down the road because of course, I modify every recipe since we like a little more spice and flavor and do not use salt in anything. My recipes are always heart-healthy versions of whatever it may be that I am cooking, and low in sodium.

My Thoughts on the Equality Act

 Full Text of the House’s discriminatory Equality Act that violates Women’s Rights and Religious Rights. Specifically sections 3C4, 1101b2, and 1107. 

I feel women’s rights are extremely important and we need to protect them. Religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution and I feel that this act violates a person’s religious rights. It should be up to a business owner to decide who they choose to serve if they are a religious based business and that is sacred and should be upheld. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices in life, but they should not force those choices on others.

I posted the act below so every can read it and in its entirety and form their own opinion on the act as it was sent from the House to the Senate for debate.

What I see happening is one person’s rights are being forced onto another, but they do not have the right to force their own rights on the first person. This is wrong in many ways. I believe we should let people chose based on their own beliefs and not force another’s beliefs on others.  

I personally feel that having a third locker room option is better than forcing people in to locker room F if they are genetically a M, and vice versa. If person F wants to use locker room 3 they have the choice, but are not forced to be subjected to what they may find offensive and upsetting. What we are doing with this bill is forcing everyone to abide by the feelings of the group A, and not allowing anyone else to have feelings that are not in agreement with the feelings of the group A .  This is discrimination against those who do not agree with the group A, which is the same as forcing everyone in group A to abide by the rules of all other groups. I think having a third option for those in group A will make group F and M feel more comfortable as well as group A, and allow those who do not care to use locker room A.  The same can be said for shelters. There should also be a third option for sports that do not violate Title IX, and take away women’s chances to compete in the Olympics and earn sorts scholarships also.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I love Dr. Seuss!!!

 This cancel culture garbage has gone too far. To attack Dr. Seuss, the author of great, classic children’s books and ban them as racist is utterly moronic.

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street is one of the best books ever to motivate students to write. I used this book with my high school students on Adak and I got some of the best writings Ever. They wrote their own version of to think I saw on Adak’s Main Street. I had students who wrote it and rapped it, And students who created such colorful pictures of Adak. Their writings were exquisite. I kept a few of these students writing because they were so awesome.  


 And these imbeciles who think that these books are racist need to go get their heads examined!!

If I Ran the Zoo is a wonderful story for children and most people do not even what these cancel culture morons are calling racism. They are the racist.


Cancel culture is crap we need to cancel them, flush them all down the toilet because they belong in a pile of 💩 because that’s what they have for brains. The chancel culture people are the ones who are driving this whole garbage issue. There is no racism in 90% of what they call racism. They are the ones who are pushing the racist agenda and causing all the problems. They are the Nazi’s in my opinion who are trying to control us and take away our rights.


How anyone can think that these fun children’s stories are racist is beyond comprehension. These people are communist.


This is all about control! They are trying to control what you can think and what you can read. 


I have these books and you can be damn sure that I’m going to read them with my grandchildren and share them with every child I know because Dr. Seuss is awesome. They were favorite books of mine when I was a child. My children loved them. My students loved them. 


I believe every future generation needs to have the chance to read every book ever written by Dr. Seuss. His books turn children onto reading and banning them is a crime!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Sweet Potato Chili



1 -  15 oz can Tomato Sauce

2 or 3 - 15 oz cans diced, crushed, or petite tomatoes or use a can of tomatoes and green chilies in place of one can of tomatoes

1 - 4 oz can of green chilies

1 - 15 oz can Kidney Beans, rinsed and drained.

1 - 15 oz can Black Beans, rinsed and drained

1/2 to 1 - box 32 ounce vegetable broth

1 - onion finely chopped (you can choose to sauté them or not)

1 or more finely chopped jalapeños

2 chopped red peppers

4+ cloves garlic finely chopped

1 TBS sugar

1+ TBS Ancho Chili Powder or regular Chili Powder

2 medium sweet potatoes chopped into 1/2” pieces

1/2-1 tsp Cumin

1 TBS oregano

We like it spicy so I add more jalapeños or jalapeño powder and more chili powder. 

I usually throw chunks of onion, jalapeño, garlic, a can of green chilies and one can of tomatoes in my Ninja and blend it so it is like a thick baby food or chunky baby food and then dump it in the chili.

I also prefer to blend my tomatoes so they are more like crushed tomatoes if I do not have crushed tomatoes.

I dump it all in the pot, bring it to a boil, then turn the heat down and let it simmer for a few hours to thicken up and cook the sweet potatoes. OR I dump it all in the crockpot and let it cook all day or even over night.

You can also soak your beans and cook them first if you want to use dried beans the equivalent of 2 - 15 oz cans. I sometimes throw in into beans of just use two cans of. kidney beans.  If you like more beans you can throw in a third can.

Hubby likes it with cheese sprinkled in and his cornbread on the side. I like to crumble my cornbread into the chili.


You can replace the sweet potatoes with a 15 oz can of pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling.

I have also shredded carrots in to the chili as well. You can even shred a little bit of kale and throw it in or blend it in with the tomatoes to add more veggies, just be careful as too much can make the chili bitter.

The Death of Our Democracy

 With the election of Biden and the hostile take over of our government by the demoncrats our country has fallen and is continuing to fall f...