Saturday, March 1, 2008

Home Invasion

Do you know what it feels like to be violated? Raped? Have your privacy invaded? Your personal things fondled by a stranger?
I do. My home was breached, assaulted, raided by the uninvited, strangers. They broke in and violated my home, my sanctuary, my personal space, my refuge from the world. It is no longer my asylum and shelter. It is not a safe haven because they have tainted it. That feeling of comfort in my own home is destroyed. It feels as if there is no place I can feel safe and protected from the devastation. They made me feel unsafe, raped, violated, as though my home were unclean. I have a need to wash everything in my house, every item of clothing in my closet because they touched them. The feelings of contamination and infection, things are now tainted because they touched them. My home feels like it has been infected and I need to clear out all the germs they left behind. It is as if my home has been polluted and needs to be purified, and made clean again.
Do these monsters, they are not human in my mind, know how it feels? Do they realize the filthy feeling that is left behind? Do they care? NO! They are savage animals! They are inhuman!
They deserve only death. The havoc they wreck on others lives is uncalled for and definitely not something to be proud of. These savage creatures deserve to suffer in the depths of hell.
What is wrong with our society, today? Why must people prey on other? Why must they rape and pillage? Have we retreated backwards into the dark ages, the prehistoric, medieval times when plundering was common and society was uncivilized.
It is wrong to live in fear, but at this moment I am afraid to leave my home unguarded. I feel as if I should be there at all times guarding my belongings and keeping my home safe from intruders, from the barbarians who have ravaged my home and my family.


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