Thursday, November 6, 2008

European Odyssey

We wandered through Europe this summer in awe of all the beautiful art and architecture. It was at times overwhelming and at other times an emotional roller coaster as some paintings, sculptures, or architecture was so exquisite. It was a wonderful experience and I want to return and spend more time in several of the places.

We landed in Paris after flying all day and spent several hours wandering around the airport and eating. We had a delicious mozarella and tomato on a small loaf of Italian bread. It was delicious served with a light dressing. We sat and relaxed for a few hours before gathering up the group to once again troop through the airport and board the plane for Greece.

We arrived in Athens late and after gathering everything and getting everyone cleared through customs, we discovered one student's suitcase was lost. After waiting on the bus for them to file the claims and get everything taken care of so it could eventually catch up to us we headed to the hotel. Of course it took a couple of hours to get there and get everyone sorted out into their rooms, but once we had I was glad to fall on to the hard cot that was to be my bed for two nights. The noise from the street was disturbing at first, but fatigue won out and I slept the night through.

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