Sunday, January 4, 2009

America's Downfall

I never liked President Bush, but then I didn't like President Clinton either. Hilary was a joke and no way were we ready for someone like her to try and tun our country. I do not think either party put its best foot forward during this election either. It was vote for which ever one I felt was the lesser of two evils. I did vote, and my husband and I canceled out each others votes, as we have done many times in the past.
It was not the time for a woman to win, though I believe a woman would do the best job, it is just that we have not found the right woman for the job. Personally, I think my mother would do a great job as she would go in and rid the government of all the trash and excess junk that appears to have been added over the years.
We are in the mist of a great war, one that looks be what will go down in history as WW III, the war to end all wars. Having a man with little knowledge and experience with regard to the military is not necessarily the best choice. That does not mean I feel that McCain was the best choice either, as he was lacking in other ways and experiences. I do think that there are others out there who have more experience in the ways of the military and with the economy who would have been better choices to run our country.
I asked many people why they voted the way they did and got a variety of interesting response including the following from my aunt.
She said she voted for Obama because she believes he will be assassinated and Biden will become president. She said she likes Biden, and thinks he will do a wonderful job. She didn't like either of the men running for office.
One of my students said she was voting for Obama because he was black. Now, realize that she is 18 and has no real experience with politics, but this is not a reason to vote for someone.
Another person I know voted for Obama because they want socialized medicine and that is what he preached. Others voted against him for the same reason. It is interesting when you talk to people how the reasons for or against someone or something have arguments that often go both ways, depending on where you stand and what you believe.
I do not like Bush, never have. I did not like his father either.
I am not sure that the timing is right for this man, Obama, to be president. I feel that we are asking for more problems than we know because of the election results, but only time will tell.
I am taking a wait and see attitude. It is not the time for racial issues to abound and I fear that they will ignite many fires across our great land. We are heading into a depression, all the signs are there and we need a true leader. We do not need a leader who will set up more welfare and public works programs that will still be draining our economy 60 years down the road like we have left over from what was then called the Great Depression.
I also know that if someone is stupid enough to assassinate Obama this country will erupt in to a great battle field. As one of my students put it, "We will have another civil war."


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