Sunday, November 7, 2010

God got my attention

I am reading a book by Julia Cameron called The CreativeLife: True Tales of Inspiration
On page 200 she starts telling a story about her friend. Emma was baking a gingerbread house She dropped the pan when taking it from he oven. She has never dropped one before and was devastated. Julia took a piece to taste, but said it was too strong. Emma tasted it and grimaced. She had tried a different brand of molasses and it was not the same. Emma was relieved. She was proud of her baked goods and this one was not up to par. It was a good thing she dropped it. When this was relayed to a third friend, Jennifer said it was a mistake caught and corrected. Then she clarified that Emma had never dropped anything before in her baking and said, "Well, then-.... God wanted her attention."

Have you ever had God knock on your door trying to get your attention? Did you pay attention? I can tell you that I probably did not hear His tap at my door, but when he banged I most certainly id and now I am listening for His soft taps more closely than I was before.

God often knocks on our door and we do not listen. He tapped on mine several times, and I ignored him until he finally banged in the door. Now I am listening each day to see if he tapping on my door. I do not need him to knock in the door again. I am trying to pay attention and listen just in case he wants my attention each day. I pause and take the time to look around and enjoy life instead of rushing through each day trying to get as much done as I can in a short period of time. Sure, I may not accomplish as much as I could but I am listening to see if God wants my attention.

I have stepped back and re-examined some things and I am putting my priorities in order. Me comes first along with family work comes last. If does not get done at school it is not coming home with me. I do not care. I mean is it really necessary that teacher’s work 60 or 80-hour weeks to get special education paperwork done and grading. Some assignments can just be graded as completed. Not every paper needs to be edited and read 3 or more times to judge content, grammar, mechanics, etc...

After my close call with death, I realized that God was really trying to get my attention and I had better listen this time. I have been taking it easy, and enjoying life without all the stress and I have to tell you it is wonderful. So I have to give up some THINGS, there are more important things in life than THINGS. A nice dinner with my hubby, time with my son, the company of friends, a good book to read, a nap, a nice walk, and more. They are all worth living for and taking the time to enjoy instead of rushing around trying to get everything done and falling in to bed exhausted late at night. If it does not get done the world will not end. Life will go on, and we will all be better off in many ways because we took time to stop and smell the roses.

It is peaceful in the evening when you do not feel rushed. I have time to sew, time to read, play a game, and watch a TV show if I choose. I am not having to multi-task to get things done. I listened and I hope you will take the time to listen also, because you never know when god is knocking on your door and it is better to answer when he taps on the door than when he bangs.

Listen! God might be trying to get your attention.


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