Monday, December 20, 2010

Pets Belong in the Home NOT in Stores!

Boycott Barnes and Noble Bookstores. They let non-service dogs in the store and in the cafe.

I was in Barnes and Noble Bookstore today and a lady came in with a dog she was trying to hide under her coat. It was bigger than a purse a dog and set my allergies off so bad I had to leave the store.

She was in the cafe and wandering around the store. When I reported her I was told she could bring the dog in the store, but not the cafe. I turned around and she was in the cafe again and no one chased her out.

Dogs do not belong in bookstores, or any store other than a pet store, unless they are service animals. People please do not bring your animals shopping with you, as there are many of us who are severely allergic.

I will pay for the dog being in the store for at least two days, if not more. And yes I do take allergy meds, but they do not always work. It depends on the kind of dog and if I had known there was going to be a dog in the store I would not have gone in there.

I am so angry. I love to hang out at the bookstore and sit in the cafe or by the fireplace and read or write on winter days when I am off and just need a change of environment.

I came home and took a shower, threw my clothes, coat and all in the laundry and took more allergy medication. My nose is itching like crazy and my eyes as well.

People need to keep their pets at home. I understand that some people think of their pets as children, but they do not belong in stores. There are many people in the world who are allergic to animals, some of us to anything with fur, and we should have the right to shop in an allergen, health hazard, free environment. My entire day was ruined because one idiot thought her dog belonged in the store with her. It was not even one of those little purse dogs it was a medium size dog and was fighting to get out of her arms all three times I saw her. Her dog should have been left at home, or she should have stayed home with it if she is that attached to it.

The one thing I am very grateful for is that it was not a cat, as they are worse and a cat could have sent me to the emergency room.

I am writing to the head of Barnes and Noble books to file a complaint and to let them know that if they continue to allow dogs in their stores, other than service dogs, that I will no longer be shopping with them and I buy a lot of books and such from them. Borders Books will be getting my business in the future.

For the health of all those with allergens, boycott Barnes and Noble Books.


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