Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Arrived home late last night, exhausted from traveling. Seventeen hours of flying not including layovers and such and I am wiped out.  I have one more summer trip post to add to my blog and I have roughed out ideas for the trip to Ireland, but need time to put things in order here in the house, get my sleep cycle back on track, and pictures transferred from camera disks to computer.  The time change and the travel are hard on the body, but the trip was a delight. I would love to visit Ireland again and also take a trip to Scotland, Wales and England.  I also need to write a letter to Bryce and apologize for sending him so many post cards as there were four letters and a post card from him awaiting us on our arrival home. In one letter he said not to send post cards, OPPS! too late I mailed about 15 to him while we were in Ireland. I have a feeling they read them aloud.  Don't think I put anything embarrassing on any that I send, so hopefully when they read he does not get razed too much.
For now I am off to take a short nap and think about what I can find in the cupboard to fix for dinner as we need to make a trip to the grocery store since the fridge is empty. 

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  1. Glad the trip wqas good! Look forward to hearing all about Ireland.



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