Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Grand Canyon

Of all the places we visited this summer, the most breath taking was the Grand Canyon, and Grand does not begin to describe it. It is a gift to us from God., and is the most beautiful place I have ever been. There is what I call Alaska beautiful, but the Grand Canyon is a different kind of beautiful. It is beyond words, and gave me chills and goosebumps. Even just thinking back to standing on the edge of the canyon looking out I still get chills and feel in awe that such a beautiful place exists

We hiked down into to canyon in several places, and around every curve the views were more beautiful that the last. The colors of the canyon were some I have never seen before. Some of the plants that grow there are ones that I have never seen before, others looked more beautiful than because of the setting.

 I loved the sunset which we watched from one of the canyon. It was beyond words, I cannot even begin to describe the sight or the emotions I felt while standing there observing the sunset. The colors were brighter, yet softer and seemed to caress the canyon walls, painting a picture that was unlike anything I had seen before. Paintings depicting sunset in the canyon do not even come close to showing the true beauty of it. Even photographs cannot capture the real colors, though they come closer than any painting I have seen. The colors are pure, their rich, and alive. To truly understand you have to experience it.

The same can be said of the sunrise which I also witnessed. We awoke at 4 AM and stumbled in the dark to catch the shuttle to Hopi Point, along with a family of four and two young ladies.
It was so peaceful at that hour. Everyone went their own way, so it was as if I was alone on the edge of the canyon watching the sun rise. Tom went off a different direction that I did to watch and photograph the sunrise. I sat quietly watching to start, and took a few pictures, but mostly I was in awe.
I was numb overwhelmed with feelings of joy and awe. It was very spiritual for me. I felt closer to God that I have ever felt. It was a very emotional experience for me.

I was sad the day we left the canyon, I felt like I was leaving the place where my heart belonged. It was a place of such spiritual prescence, and comfort. Even with all the frowds of people it was very peaceful and calming. I felt that I was at peace in the canyon.

Tom and I did have some fun with a few pictures.
One last longing look at the canyon before departing..........


  1. As someone who lives in and writes about Arizona, I'm glad you enjoyed the Grand Canyon so much. I once read an essay by a woman who said she saw it and it did nothing for her. Her family had stopped there on the way to California, and she just didn't get the big deal. I've always been amazed by her response. It's hard for me to understand it. I've seen this world wonder a dozen times or more and, each time, I experience it differently. This year I had the opportunity to experience it from the river--200+ miles of it in 15 days. I'll never forget that rafting trip for as long as I live. And I don't think I'll ever tire of wanting to get another view of the Grand Canyon.

    1. I cannot imagine someone saying that the Grand Canyon did nothing for them. She must be a very cold person, with a heart of stone to not have felt something. I do not mean to judge, but that is just my gut reaction. I want to raft the river and visit the phantom ranch and do more hiking in the canyon. It was a very spiritual experience for me. Thank you for taking the time to comment.



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