Sunday, June 17, 2012

theiving TSA Agents

I was one very angry lady when I realized that when the TSA inspected one suitcase on our way down to Mexico they stole one of my skorts. That is $71.00 that they owe me. I am reallly angry and will not be letting go of this one. Theft is a crime and I demand my money or my skort back. The thing that really ticks me off is that this particular color is no longer made and it matched perfectly with a couple of my tops. I am emailing, calling, and raising cain with TSA and I filed a police report with APD who told me to file with the airport police in Anchorage. We left out of Anchorage, Alaska on the night of May 29th heading to Mexico. When we arrived at our destination I found a lovely little TSA card in one of my suitcases.  This was the first time that TSA had inspected one of my checked suitcases and I pray the last because they stole one of my expensive skorts.  When I arrived at our destination, I pulled out clothes to wear each day and did not realize until a day or two after arrival when I was looking for my purple skort which matches the top I want to wear that my purple skort had been stolen from my suitcase.   I am very upset by this and expect full restitution for the skort. It is not one I can replace as they no longer make that specific color.  The cost of the skort including shipping is $71.00.  I expect immediate restitution for this item. I am extremely disappointed that TSA has a thief working for their company, and suggest that they may want to vet all employees to find the thief.  I was not satisfied with their response to my email.  I also cced my email to the Anchorage Daily News. This is a horrendous wrong that they need to rectify immediately. Theft is not something I take lightly and I will be filling a complaint with the federal government.  Obama better beware because I am working on a letter to him also.  He needs to make sure that the people that work in government are honest, not a bunch of thieves.  It is bad enough they rob us blind with their taxes that are unfair and unevenly distributed, but to steal from our suitcases, which is to literally steal the clothes off our backs is an abomination.

Update:  I checked when we got home and my skort did not get accidentally left at home.  I have also called the airport lost and found and they do not have it.  I am filing a report with the airport police, TSA, and Alaska airlines.  TSA is a joke and a major theft ring that is government sanctioned and needs to be gotten rid of because it is not really doing anything except harassing and stealing from American citizens.

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