Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bicycling the Summer Away

--> This summer between our trip to Puerto Vallarta and the rain we have not gotten in as many miles as I would have liked so far. There are only a few more weeks before my husband returns to work, a classroom full of seventh and eighth graders.  
 I am looking at bikes for myself, including two different Novara’s, which were two girly for me and a Giant Sedona "Comfort Mountain Bike" which just looked to old lady for me, though I did give it a test ride. 
I have test ridden and ruled out a Specialized Cross Trail, as it was not that comfortable.  
I like two other bikes, one is a Giant "Rainier"1 "29" mountain bike and the other an Eva 3.0, though they will need to put on a shorter stem as the bike is a large and the stem is a little to long.   
I am leaning toward the "Rainier" even though it is about double the cost, as it is the most comfortable. 
The "Rainier" is a medium and in black, but I do like the color of the Eva, it is silver with pink pin stripes.  I may have to give both of them another test ride before I decide. 
The tough thing is that they are at two different shops on opposite ends of town, so it is hard to compare them side-by-side.  They are both mountain bikes, and the "Rainier" is double the price, so it is a little more spendy. 
My husband says it has to be a bike I like and am comfortable riding or I will not ride it. I will be making a decision in the next couple weeks, as I want a bike of my own to ride when he returns to work, as the tandem does not work very well with only one rider.

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