Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Hero, My Mom

In High School

My mom worked outside the home before most women did. She joined the Air Force and served our country until they kicked her out because she was pregnant with me. Back in the 1950s you were not allowed to serve if you were pregnant, it did not matter that she was married to my father, it was the rule. They did not have cute maternity uniforms and such then, because a woman's place was in the home.
With her parents, brothers and sisters.

With my youngest at his high school graduation
With two of her younger sisters, Sally and Sue.
With another of her four sisters, Linda

 She has been there for me through thick and thin and even times when I felt I she was way over protective and I was a real brat, she stuck with me and for that I am forever grateful.

With my youngest son

With my oldest son

WIth my youngest son in 2006.

WIth my youngest son in 2006

With Jim in October 2011 after our trip to Ireland

My mom was a women's "liber" before it was popular because she was always one step ahead. She set an excellent example for me in life. She showed me how to be strong and how to take care of things when my dad was not around because the Air Force had sent him off somewhere for a year or how ever long.

With me in Memphis in July 2011

My mother is a strong woman even today, though she is loosing the physical strength battle due to age taking its toll on her body, she is still strong in all the ways that count.  She has topped onions, worked a switch board, and marched in Air Force boots. She never got a college degree, but she still worked her way up to management in the Civil Service and she was still there to help with Girl Scouts and bake cookies.  She is an example that more women need to follow and one who I hope I can live up to.
With me in Ireland, October 2011

With Jim and I on the bus in Ireland, October 2011.

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  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing your Mom's pictures. How is her shoulder?



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