Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today's Ramblings about grocery shopping, cleaning the pantry, and clutter

      Today I went grocery shopping.  Let me tell you the commissary at JBER is a mess. Nothing is where it used to be and things are so confusing. I hate to shop to begin with, unless of course it is for fabric.  I was looking for Miracle Whip and it took me forever to find it, and it was of all places over by the potato chips, as was the peanut butter. Now please tell me, why they would put Miracle Whip and peanut butter together?
     Then I went searching for other things on my list and of course most of them were not where I thought so I had to spend more time going up and down isles looking for them.
      I know why I do not like to go shopping for groceries, unless it is at the farmer's market. It is way to complicated.
      I did go to the farmer's market to as well.  that I love doing. Yes, we still have a farmer's market in Anchorage in the winter. It moves inside the Sear's Mall and is on Wednesdays instead of Saturdays.  It is not as big as the summer market, but my favorite farm is there and they have the best carrots. They are sweet and crunchy.  I love. Today they had carrots, beets, snow apples (turnips), sweet pumpkins, parsnips, Daikon radishes, cabbage, and a wide variety of potatoes to choose from.  I bought carrots, of course. I love munching on carrots every day.  They go very good with hummus, or alone.
      I also like the spice, nuts, teas, and dried fruits that another vendor sells at the farmer's market.  They have salt free pepitas, and sweet crystalized ginger, as well as fresh dried spices, and other dried fruits, mushrooms and flavored salts.  They also have a few flavored olive oils for sale as well.  I love the pepitas, and crystalized ginger. They make great snacks.
      I also cleaned out the pantry. I put everything that is out dated or that we do not eat in bags to get rid of.  I told my husband I do not care where it goes, I just want it out of the house.  There were about five large bags of crackers, noodles, soups with too much sodium, and cereals.  All were foods we do not eat because they are too high in carbohydrates, made with wheat, or too high in sodium. I hope that they find a good home and help keep someone's belly filled.  I like my nice neat organized cupboard.  I can find things now.  I also did a little cleaning out of the refrigerator, but will save the rest of that for after the holidays.
     I am continuing to clean out other areas of the house, though it is an on going job and will take a while before I get through everything. Twenty years in one house is a long time and stuff does pile up.  I think I need to hire some one to help me who does not have an emotional attachment to things so I can get rid of more. I get side tracked by some things and others I am just not sure if I am ready to let them go, or if I might need them again.  That is the problem with trying to sort through stuff, that some call clutter and others call treasures.
     Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I am off to bed for the night.

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