Wednesday, December 26, 2012


     Another Christmas has come and gone and the retail circus has passed, though with after holiday sales starting today I am sure that it is just as crazy out there.
     What saddens me is that so many people forget the reason for the season and see it as just another party or gift to be given or received. Christmas is a time for family and caring, it is not a reason to see how many gifts you can get and who gets more or better gifts. Don't get me wrong, I love giving and receiving gifts as well as anyone, but there is more to this time of year than just gifts and parties.
     Without Christ in our hearts Christmas would never have come.  It is because of him that we have this holiday and it is for this reason we need to remember him at this time of year more so than others.  His birth brought great joy to his family and his life to the world.  Many people forget he is the reason for the season, not the parties and gifts.
     It brought me great joy to see one branch of my family put aside their differences for this holiday season and spend Christmas together as a family, all nineteen of them.  My uncle is ill and I know it made him very happy to have all of his children and grandchildren under one roof for Christmas.  This is what Christmas is all about and what Christ wants us to keep in our hearts.
     To me this is what is special about Christmas, more than the tinsel and the gifts. Showing love for one another is an important part of the season.  Seeing friends and family and sharing news through letters and cards with those that are far away. The joy that you feel when you get a card or a note from someone you have not seen in many months or years, but still feel close to in your heart.
     It is the memories of laughter and joy that make the season special, the tree lit up, and the smells of Christmas that make it special.  The gifts are an added bonus, not the reason to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I love the gifts and the wrapping paper, but the memories we make are more important and last much longer than the gifts. 
     You do not have to spend Christmas Day itself with them, but making sure you let them know that you care during this season is important. Be a dinner out, a phone call, or a card or gift, touching base with those you care about is important at any time of the year, but more so during this season of the year.
     It saddens me that many simply see this as the time of year when getting more expensive gifts is the most important thing. I enjoyed time watching movies with my youngest son and dinner out with my oldest. Both were times spent with family and meaningful.
Wishing everyone a very joyful end to 2012 and a very happy start to 2013.

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