Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Allergy Testing is the Pits

Over the last two weeks I have gone through extensive allergy testing.  First the skin prick test, then the sublingual under the skin testing and now the patch tests for contact allergies. 
Of the three the patch testing is the worst. You cannot shower for four days. You are taped up all over your back and itch like crazy.  Today they took the tape off, but I still cannot shower until after I see the allergist tomorrow afternoon. I have black marks all over my back and tape marks, and bumps and itchy spots.  I have been scratching my arms for three days. It helps when I am focused and doing something like quilting or driving because I am not thinking about my back itching, but when I am sitting quietly or trying to go to sleep at night the itching is intense.
The other bad thing is you have to be off your allergy meds for seven to ten days prior to testing and through out the testing.  I do have a new nasal spray I can use to help with the runny nose and the is helping but it had a nasty  after taste that hangs around for a couple of hours after you spray it up your nose.
Hopefully they will be able to help me with my allergies after this all done and I can start back on my allergy meds tomorrow after I see the doctor.  If not I may be in for more testing.


  1. I really hope you do not need any more testing. I would never make it thru the testing, I would scratch everything off.

    1. LOL Beth just realized some comments were awaiting moderation. I wanted to scratch it all off, but survived. Life is much better now that I have eliminated many things I am allergic to.



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