Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Nazi Officer's WIfe

The book is the story of one woman's survival during the most horrendous chapter in the history of the world, the Holocaust. It is the story of  Jewish girl and the tribulation that she survived both working on a farm and as a Nazi officer's wife.  She was hidden in plain sight.

Edith Hahn BeerWerner Vetter who was a member of the Nazi party. He knew her secret, yet married her anyway.

Edith lived in fear of being discovered. She gave birth to her daughter without pain meds,  because she was afraid she might expose her self under the influence of drugs. When her husband was captured by the Russian army and her home was bombed she and her daughter hid from drunken Russian soldiers.

Edith saved every paper to document her story and even succeeded in taking pictures while inside the labor camps. She is a hero, a woman who did what she had to to survive during a terrible time.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to everyone. 


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